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Las Vegas Police Stop Responding To Calls
April 11, 2014
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Police Officer Hits Cyclist
April 25, 2014
fatal motorcycle accident

fatal motorcycle accidentA victim is dead and another driver in jail after a crash between an SUV and a motorcycle at Pecos Road and Hacienda Avenue, according to police reports.

Francisco Contreras DeJesus, 41, was traveling north on Pecos, driving a Ford Explorer, when he attempted to make a left turn on a blinking yellow arrow onto Hacienda Avenue. A 40-year-old Las Vegas man was traveling south on Pecos on a Honda CBR motorcycle and traveled straight through the intersection on a green light as Contreras-DeJesus attempted to turn left. The Ford driver failed to yield the right-of-way to the motorcycle, causing the rider to be ejected from the bike and slide under the Ford. The victim was pronounced dead by medical personnel after being transported to the hospital.


Contreras-DeJesus remained at the scene and submitted to DUI testing. He was charged with felony DUI causing death and booked into the Clark County jail. The accident is being investigated by the LVMPD Accident Investigation team.

Las Vegas Death Toll Higher in 2014

So far this year, Las Vegas has experienced a higher death toll for both pedestrians and vehicle occupants than in previous years. The motorcycle victim killed in this accident represents the 28th traffic-related fatality in 2014 for the Las Vegas Metro district. For 2013, the total of all victims killed in any type of traffic accident was only 37 and for 2012 the total was 38. This means that Las Vegas is already on track to exceed these numbers by summer if the same death rate continues through the next few months.

Because the year is not over, it is impossible to predict with certainty whether there will be more or fewer deaths in Las Vegas this year. However, authorities may be concerned that the traffic death toll has risen so sharply in such a short time, and the situation certain bears study and monitoring if it continues to determine the cause of the higher death rate.

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