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Las Vegas Defective Medical Devices Lawyers

Las Vegas Defective Medical Devices Lawyers

Sam Harding Law Firm have experience in handling Defective Medical Devices cases in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you or a someone you know has suffered serious injury from an Defective Medical Devices in the state of Nevada, we can help.

While the laws applicable to defective product cases vary from state to state, there are three legal theories similar to all jurisdictions which may shape the foundation of a victorious product liability case:

Manufacturing defect.
The injury was caused as a result of defect in the production of the device.

Design defect:
The design of the product is not feasible.

Failure to warn, or "inadequate warning".
Potentially hazardous information known but not shared with the consumer.


Responsibility may possibly extend to persons who did not procure the manufactured goods, but were using the product in a "predictable" manner when then injury occurred. People injured as a result of another individual using a defective product may be able to recuperate any acquired losses if their injuries were caused by the product's defect.

It is probable to sue a foreign corporation for a defective product they manufactured, since the sale of their product in the U.S. may make the foreign company subject to the jurisdiction of a state or federal court in the United States. Again, competent counsel is the best way to protect your interests if you have been injured as a result of a defective product. If you have a successful case, you are entitled to compensatory damages, which includes your medical bills incurred as a result of the product defect, reimbursement for any time lost from work, and property damaged as a result of the defective product.

You are entitled to damages for pain and suffering you’ve experienced as a result of your injury, and general damages over and above the damages listed above.

Punitive damages are not to be had in every case, and the proof requirements are usually stricter than the other damages listed above.



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Sam Harding
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Since 1975, Mr. Harding has practiced in the area of personal injury litigation in Nevada. He has represented clients in personal injury cases including but not limited to wrongful death cases, brain injury cases, product liability cases, automobile accident cases, aircraft crash cases, dog bite cases, slip and fall cases, nursing home abuse cases and defamation cases.


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Mr. Harding is a member of the Nevada Trial Lawyers Association and the American Bar Association. He has been lead trial counsel in over one hundred jury trials. Mr. Harding is a member of ABOTA (American Board of Trial Advocacy). Mr. Harding is an AV rated attorney in Martindale-Hubble.

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The Sam Harding Law Firm knows Nevada motor vehicle law. Our proven track record of court settlements is one of the best of any firm representing the injured from car crashes, motorcycle accidents, trucking and big-rig accidents and other motor vehicle related accident related injuries.

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For over three decades The Sam Harding Law Firm has been helping victims of serious injury in Nevada. From nursing home abuse and neglect to serious injuries such as traumatic brain injury (TBI), spinal cord injuries and more. Let Sam Harding go to work for you. We handle all cases on a personal level. We are caring, dedicated and committed to justice.

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