Boulder City Pedestrian Accident Ruled to be Fault of Firefighter
April 30, 2010
Man Critically Injured in North Las Vegas Car Accident Involving School Bus
October 11, 2011

School buses are difficult to navigate through sometimes congested traffic and other tight spots.  The job of successfully driving such a vehicle is even more difficult when there are dozens of children on-board who present constant distractions to the driver.  However, all of these variables do not excuse a school bus driver from negligence.  While the ultimate question of fault has yet to be determined, a Las Vegas school bus accident that occurred yesterday led to a tragic fatality of a motorcyclist.

The crash occurred yesterday afternoon at approximately 1:30 p.m. at Sahara Avenue and Atlantic Street, which is near Sahara’s intersection with Eastern Avenue.  The bus was turning left onto Atlantic Street after heading in an eastward direction on Sahara on a proper green signal.  The motorcyclist was heading west on Atlantic at the same time, and when the motorcyclist approached the bus, the driver’s brakes locked.  This caused the motorcycle to turn on its side and to collide with the side of the school bus.

The driver was pronounced dead at the scene after suffering what officials described as multiple blunt force traumas, and his death was ruled as accidental.  The investigation is continuing, and at this point no criminal charges have been filed and it appears that none will be.  However, this does not mean that civil liability will not become an issue for the school bus driver, as this motorcyclist only added to the statistics regarding fatal Nevada motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycle Accidents Statistics Nevada

On average, between 250 and 300 people who are either driving or riding on motorcycles are killed in Nevada motorcycle accidents every year.  That equates to between five and six motorcyclists who are killed every week somewhere in the state, and the statistical trend regarding Nevada motorcycle accident fatalities has remained surprisingly consistent in recent years.

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