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Las Vegas Slip And Fall Lawyers

Las Vegas Slip And Fall Lawyers

Sam Harding Law Firm have experience in handling Slip And Fall cases in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you or a someone you know has suffered serious injury from a Slip And Fall accident in the state of Nevada, we can help.

Slip, trip and fall sounds as painful as it feels, it is one of the easiest ways to hurt oneself. Slip, trip and fall not only refer to a person falling physically. It can also be interpreted as giving into temptation that you have been resisting for a long time. But it is more commonly used in the sense of physically falling. Often the reason to slip, trip and fall is defective shoesoles. But many a times, the flooring is slippery and the friction it creates with the shoes leads to such accidents.

J2 Engineering is a company that investigates slip, trip and fall accidents. It analyses slip resistance and works with major shoe companies in connection with development testing and analysis of shoe soling materials. It uses ASTM approved test equipment and procedures. J2 Engineering Studies slip, trip and fall in depth and helps overcome this problem. Slip, trip and fall cannot be blamed only on defective shoe soles and walking surfaces but can also happen due to slippery bathroom floors or slippery liquids spilled on the ground.

A lot of accidents in the bathroom have led to a broken hip or a broken leg or a cut on the head. Slip, trip and fall are a kind of accidents that we can easily avoid by concentrating on where we are going and watching every step we take. We should place every foot properly and in a defensive manner so as to avoid slipping.

Our mind should not wander when we are walking on the street. A little distraction can cause drastic accidents. We should make use of pavements and walkways alongside the road that are meant for walking. But besides using them, we should keep them free from dirt and debris that not only add to the pollution and untidiness of the environment but also lead to people slipping when they step on it.

Vehicular oil spilt on roads also adds to the problem of slipping. If there is a mixture of water and oil on the road, it becomes rather difficult to tell the difference between the two and even if slight brakes are applied, the vehicle can slip out of control. When one slips while traveling at high speeds, the injuries can be quite painful. In such unavoidable circumstances, the only precaution that we can take is to ride the vehicle slowly and keep safe distance from the vehicle ahead of us so that we don't have to brake suddenly incase the vehicle in front of us brakes unexpectedly.

Many a times, people slip while climbing down staircases. This can happen if they are climbing down fast or are taking more than one step at a time. One has to learn to take responsibility for oneself. Climbing down fast should be avoided and one should take only one step at a time. Also, one should carry a small but powerful torch so that walking in the dark can be avoided. Walking in the dark can be hazardous and besides slipping, one can fall into a ditch or walk into any obstacle along the way. Besides others looking after us, we have to learn to look after ourselves and the best way to avoid slipping is to walk carefully and attentively. Instead of allowing ourselves to slip and hurt ourselves at all, we should be careful and save ourselves from all the harm that we can actually safe ourselves from unlike in the case of natural calamities which we cannot really protect ourselves against.



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Sam Harding


Sam Harding
Caring, Dedicated and Committed to Justice

Since 1975, Mr. Harding has practiced in the area of personal injury litigation in Nevada. He has represented clients in personal injury cases including but not limited to wrongful death cases, brain injury cases, product liability cases, automobile accident cases, aircraft crash cases, dog bite cases, slip and fall cases, nursing home abuse cases and defamation cases.


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Mr. Harding is a member of the Nevada Trial Lawyers Association and the American Bar Association. He has been lead trial counsel in over one hundred jury trials. Mr. Harding is a member of ABOTA (American Board of Trial Advocacy). Mr. Harding is an AV rated attorney in Martindale-Hubble.

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The Sam Harding Law Firm knows Nevada motor vehicle law. Our proven track record of court settlements is one of the best of any firm representing the injured from car crashes, motorcycle accidents, trucking and big-rig accidents and other motor vehicle related accident related injuries.

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For over three decades The Sam Harding Law Firm has been helping victims of serious injury in Nevada. From nursing home abuse and neglect to serious injuries such as traumatic brain injury (TBI), spinal cord injuries and more. Let Sam Harding go to work for you. We handle all cases on a personal level. We are caring, dedicated and committed to justice.

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