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Las Vegas Stock Broker Fraud Lawyers

Sam Harding Law Firm have experience in handling Stock Broker Fraud cases in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you or a someone you know has suffered serious injury from Stock Broker Fraud Attorney in the state of Nevada, we can help.

A stunner that's what a human mind is!! What can we not do if we decide upon it and focus all of the minds ever-straying thoughts onto a target that we wish to achieve? Well we could use this power {if we choose to call it that} to build our whole lives around us in an honest and well planned fashion but the journey this way is much longer than many of us would like to take. The flip side of course is to very cunningly arrive to ploy that could get you to the desirable place in a jiffy. The choice of course is individual; the good guys go the honest way whereas the bad guys perfect the art of swindling people to make their lives more comfortable and easy.

Fraudulence is in this day and age an art perfected by the ambitious, yet restless sort who would try to make their way to the destination as short as possible. The group being discussed here is that who plays in the stock market with huge investments made by people and try to earn enough for themselves without leaving any traces behind. But then why just blame the fraudsters,the people who make these fraudsters existence possible are also to blame.They are usually who want to hit it big time in the stock market. Time for reality check such things don't happen too often and a person probably convincing you to go ahead with such investments is leading you on in the wrong direction.

What is ideally recommended is thoroughly look into the investment opportunity and the person recommending it to you before actually putting your money at stake. With the recent globalization of finance markets,investing without the actual physical presence at a particular place is a common practice. By this, what is meant is investing over the Internet or generally collecting your information from unknown sources. Many of these fraudulent practices are carried out on investors who indulge their wealth in stocks known as "micro cap stocks", these stocks are the ones issued by the small-time companies and are thinly traded. When the price of such stocks falls the fraudsters swoop in to take a piece of these investors already dwindling wealth on the pretext of probably a tax of some sort or the assurance of making up for the rendered losses.

At times there are instances when the brokers use the method of aggressive sales to dupe the investors. They typically purchase large blocks of stocks and then sell them at heavy discounts from the issuers. They then sell these stocks to non-residential investors at inflated rates.Once the brokers have sold the stocks the price collapses by a sizable amount hence leaving the investors in place where they have to bear heavy losses. Many of the brokers even disappear after their job is done and their buck made, on the investors expense of course.

This is where the presence of mind and awareness of the investor counts. If the investor is ignorant he could land himself in a situation where he is highly at risk of damaging his own money. A fool therefore we can say is parted of his money soon because he has no knowledge of how to keep it .A wise investor would generally go in for a long term investment instead of impulsively speculating in the stock market because short term investment basically is landing yourself in a no win situation. The only person sitting pretty counting his green ones is the broker who earn in the form of high commissions and future contracts.

Looking out for yourself in this field is not only important but necessary .You can be the best judge of your best interests,not the broker recommending what's good for you. The advice given to first time investors would be to know what exactly are they investing in and have at least a fair bit of knowledge about the company and its track record before you give the go ahead signal to your broker to do the needful. As the investor you can take the various common sense steps to reduce fraudulence and minimize the impact on your funds.

The basic objective would be to reduce the economic loss caused by these frauds. With the tremendous increase of trading volumes in securities and commodities, the fraudulent practices have become a part of the trade fair and added to that is the improbability of being able to keep a check on all the frauds that are taking place worldwide.The least each investor can do is safeguard themselves against these frauds by getting themselves acquainted with the stock market in order to not get carried away in any situation at any given time.



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Since 1975, Mr. Harding has practiced in the area of personal injury litigation in Nevada. He has represented clients in personal injury cases including but not limited to wrongful death cases, brain injury cases, product liability cases, automobile accident cases, aircraft crash cases, dog bite cases, slip and fall cases, nursing home abuse cases and defamation cases.


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Mr. Harding is a member of the Nevada Trial Lawyers Association and the American Bar Association. He has been lead trial counsel in over one hundred jury trials. Mr. Harding is a member of ABOTA (American Board of Trial Advocacy). Mr. Harding is an AV rated attorney in Martindale-Hubble.

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