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Many people assume wrongly that cosmetic surgery procedures carry little risk.  The fact is that any medical procedure comes with risk and mistakes can be made by even highly-trained professionals.  Such a reality was hammered home recently when a local cosmetic surgeon had his license suspended by the state medical board in response to reports of several botched procedures.

According to KTNV:

“A local Medspa doctor accused of botching plastic surgeries last summer, won’t be performing those procedures again for awhile.

The Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners came to a settlement agreement with Dr.Sean Su late last week.

It’s a story Action News has been following since July. Action News spoke exclusively, with one of Su’s patients, whose complaints prompted state action.

We want you to know, some of the pictures you may see when you watch the video may be graphic.

It wasn’t easy for Vanessa to talk about the breast augmentation she says she received at the Skin Body Institute last April at the hands of Dr. Sean Su. A surgery that she says, didn’t go as planned.

“The emotional trauma, emotional stress, I don’t wish it upon anybody,” said Vanessa.

The surgery was a ten hour procedure under local anesthesia. Just weeks later, one implant was exposed. So Vanessa went back for a second procedure, which she says also went very wrong.

Within two weeks she had checked into an emergency room.

Since that time, the state medical board has been investigating Dr. Su. Days before our story aired last July, the state board suspended his medical license, citing Vanessa’s case as evidence.

Then, in September, the suspension was lifted, allowing Su to practice until a settlement was reached. That settlement came down last week. Dr. Su was found guilty of 3 counts of malpractice. They are: failure to maintain accurate medical records, engaging in conduct to deceive and violating trust between a doctor and patient.”

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