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car-accident-nevadaBy now, everyone should understand that drinking and driving is a terribly dangerous and reckless thing to do, as it only puts everyone out on the road at that time in a completely unnecessary position of danger. Sadly, not nearly enough people avoid making this mistake despite all of the awareness that exists, and too many people are badly injured or worse as a result. When people are injured or killed because of the actions of drunk drivers, the legal fallout can be severe for those who cause these crashes, but that is not the only way in which someone who has been harmed in this manner can pursue justice.


Unfortunately, the statistics that relate to alcohol-related Nevada car accidents are extremely troubling for anyone who sees them. Below you will find a brief overview of these statistics as well as a brief synopsis of what type of justice someone who has been harmed by a drunk driver can pursue. If you or someone you love has been injured or worse by a drunk driver, you need to seek the help of Las Vegas accident lawyers as soon as possible.

Nevada Alcohol-Related Car Accident Statistics

The Nevada Department of Transportation tracks and organizes statistics that relate to all different types of car accidents that occur in the state. For obvious reasons, the NDOT tracks crashes where alcohol was recorded as a factor. Specifically, the NDOT records state that these crashes were those in which at least one driver ‘had been drinking’ prior to the crash.

According to the NDOT, a total of nearly 3,500 of these crashes occur across the state every year. These collisions lead to more than 2,300 injuries and to more than 60 fatalities. These numbers have remained largely consistent in recent years despite all of the stepped-up awareness efforts that have been made and all of the work put in by law enforcement and the legislature to deter this irresponsible and reckless conduct.

Nevada DUI Accidents and Legal Fallout

Clearly, when someone drinks, drives and then causes a crash that leads to injuries or even to fatalities, that person is going to face serious legal consequences. He or she will likely be arrested and charged with serious crimes, but there are other ways to hold someone who has caused this type of a crash accountable. Someone who has been injured in this manner could respond to a crash by filing a Nevada personal injury lawsuit. If such a lawsuit is filed and it’s successful, a plaintiff could recover damages that compensate for several different forms of loss that both have been and will be incurred.

If you or someone you love has been injured or worse in a crash caused by a drunk driver, you need to seek the help of Las Vegas accident lawyers who have been fighting for the rights of clients for many years. Contact the Sam Harding Law Firm today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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