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Drinking Green Tea May be Good for Your Spine

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Spinal injuries may vary in severity with symptoms ranging from general numbness or slight pain in the extremities to paralysis. Whether it is an NFL player who struggles because of a neck injury or people who deal with constant discomfort after a car accident, spinal cord injury can happen to anyone. Now, Chinese researchers are studying the effects of a humble substance on the ability of the human body to repair after a spinal cord injury with surprising results.

Green Tea—The Next Spinal Cord Injury Treatment?

Chinese researchers have conducted a study that seems to show that drinking green tea may be advantageous to prevention as well as recovery in spinal cord injuries. In this study, published in the journal Neural Regeneration Research, the findings state that drinking green tea raises the amount of polyphenols, which are strong antioxidants. These polyphenols defend the spinal cord from being overcome by the stress of free radicals introduced into the body at the time of an injury. When free radicals flood the body it can go into oxidative stress, during which the body cannot detoxify itself. Incredibly, results with rats show that green tea may help prevent spinal injuries as well as treat those that have already occurred.


Cells Grown in Tissue Hold Promise for TBI Victims

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A recent study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences statesthat scientists have developed a technique to grow neurons in artificial brain tissue. Neurons process the work of the brain, such as thinking. This may help researchers discover new ways to treat people who have suffered traumatic brain injuries.

A lab test conducted at Tufts University in Massachusetts developed rat neurons and then implanted a "3D tissue made from a mix of spongy silk protein and a collagen-based gel.” The tissue maintained viability for over nine weeks and offered structural support for brain network connectivity; network connectivity is essential for brain activity. The experiment allows scientists to look at tissue and possibly find new ways to treat injured brains.


Pedestrians and Motorcyclists at Highest Risk

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Riding a motorcycle or walking places you at the highest risk for injury and death on Las Vegas streets, according to statistics compiled by the Las Vegas Metro Police Department.

So far in 2014, 13 motorcycle riders and 19 pedestrians have died compared to 11 drivers and six passengers in vehicles. These numbers are on track to meet or exceed the numbers for 2011, when 14 motorcyclists and 26 pedestrians died, and 2012, when 13 motorcyclists and 30 pedestrians died.


Preying on the Elderly

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Upon hearing of elder abuse, many people ask, "Why would anyone ever want to hurt an elderly family member or someone under his or her care?" Unfortunately, the numbers related to elder abuse show that the real question should be “How can we stop the explosion of elder abuse in our country?”

Elder Abuse Rates Continue to Climb

The rate of elder abuse in the United States is staggering. At an estimated 5 million people over the age of 65 are abused each year according to the National Elder Mistreatment Study. The elderly who have been abused have both a higher rate of hospitalization as well as a higher rate of commitment to a nursing home. A significant amount of money is also attached to treating those elderly victims who are abused; approximately $5.3 billion is spent each year.


What Are Possible Results of Traumatic Brain Injury?

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The brain is a very curious organ. Brain research is ongoing and new discoveries about this fascinating organ are still being made. While researchers are far from understanding all of the brain's complexities, a fair amount has been learned about what make the brain work and how injuries can effect it.

Typical Brain Injuries From Accidents

One of the things that can happen to injure the brain is a hard blow or some other traumatic event which injures the head. This type of injury can cause several different problems. First, the brain cells around the area impacted could be damaged. A hard blow to the head can also cause more than just one part of the brain to be damaged due to the possibility of the brain deflecting off of the sides of the skull. Known as a contre-coup injury, these types of brain injuries are common in rear-end car collisions.


Man Riding Bicycle Killed After Hit by DUI Driver

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Recent reports show that the woman who hit and killed a man riding his bicycle in Las Vegas in July may have been driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. The driver failed the field sobriety test at the scene, according the arrest report. The officer at the scene reported smelling both alcohol and marijuana. The driver claimed that a gust of wind pushed her into the bicyclist.

The driver was arrested later that night and had blood tests performed at that time, but so far the results of these test are unavailable. The bicyclist, 41-year-old Cesar Flores, was taken to the hospital, where he died. The driver is facing DUI charges and also charges for failing to decrease speed due to circumstances.


Motorcycle Accident Injury and Nevada Law

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Nevada’s beautiful landscape and warm climate is very inviting for those who enjoy riding motorcycles. However, even taking a simple summer afternoon spin on a motorcycle can be very dangerous. Those who are involved in accidents while on motorcycles have a much greater risk of injury and death than those who are in a passenger vehicle.

According to reports from the Nevada Highway Patrol, a motorcycle rider has died from injuries sustained in a crash on the Fourth of July in Sparks. Kenneth Roger Stewart, 51, was taken off life support and died after being admitted to an area hospital following the crash. His passenger, Cameron Stewart, 19, was released from the hospital after being treated for minor injuries.

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