Man Injured, Woman Killed When Alleged Drunk Driver Jumps Curb and Hits Pedestrians
March 1, 2013
Man in Critical Condition after Las Vegas Motorcycle Accident
March 6, 2013

pedestrian-accidentsWe have all spent time walking around for different reasons, and many of us have made mistakes while doing so. We may not think that staying within a crosswalk is all that important when there is no traffic around at the time, but it is and people who stray from this area may be more likely to be hit than others. However, that may not matter all that much when someone is hit only to have the driver flee the scene after a crash.

Tragically, that’s what happened last night when an unidentified person was attempting to cross Torrey Pines Drive near Casada Way outside of a crosswalk. A vehicle came along and hit the pedestrian, and he was killed as a result. Police are still looking for the driver and have asked anyone with information relating to the crash to come forward and provide it so that the motorist can be identified and ultimately found.

The law requires people who are involved in Las Vegas hit-and-run accidents to remain at the scene until police and other rescue personnel can arrive and handle the aftermath properly. Sadly, drivers involved in crashes break this law all too often across Nevada. Nearly 600 hit-and-run accidents occur in the state every year, and these crashes lead to more than 200 injuries and to a handful of fatalities.

People who are injured and family members of people who are killed in hit-and-run accidents often feel as though they have no recourse when it comes to these incidents. That’s common and it seems logical since they cannot identify the driver. However, more often than not these drivers are ultimately apprehended, and many of them can face criminal charges as a result.

If that’s what happens with regards to this incident, the driver will likely face criminal charges. The family of the person who was killed could also file a Nevada wrongful death lawsuit, although the fact that the pedestrian was not in a crosswalk could bring comparative negligence into the case. If you or someone you love has been injured by a motorist, contact the Las Vegas injury lawyers at the Sam Harding Law Firm today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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