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In the US, adults with severe TBI who are treated have a fatality rate of about 25 to 33%. The fatality rate is lower with higher GCS scores. Fatality rates are lower in children ? 5 yr (? 10% with a GCS score of 5 to 7). Children overall typically do better than adults with a comparable injury.

The vast majority of patients with mild TBI retain good neurologic function. With moderate or severe TBI, the prognosis is not as good but is much better than is generally thought. The most widely used scale to assess outcome in TBI patients is the Glasgow Outcome Scale. On this scale the possible outcomes can consist of:

  • Good recovery (return to previous level of function)
  • Mild to Moderate disability (capable of self care)
  • Severe/Serious disability (incapable of self care)
  • Vegetative state (no cognitive function)
  • Death

Over 50% of adults with severe TBI have a good recovery or mild/ moderate disability. Occurrence and duration of coma after a TBI are strong indicators of disability. Of patients whose coma exceeds 24 hours, 50% have major persistent neurologic sequelae, and 2 to 6% remain in a persistent vegetative state for a minium of 6 months. In adults with severe TBI, recovery occurs most rapidly within the first 6 months. Smaller improvements can continue for as long as several years. Children have a better initial recovery from TBI regardless of severity and continue to improve for a longer period of time than adults.

Cognitive deficits, with impaired concentration, attention, memory problems, and various personality changes are a more common cause of disability in social relations and employment than are focal motor or sensory skill problems. Posttraumatic anosmia and acute traumatic blindness rarely resolve after 3 to 4 months. Hemiparesis and aphasia usually resolve at least in part, except in the elderly.

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