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daydreaming while driving distracted

daydreaming while driving distractedSince the introduction of the automobile to the consumer market generations ago, people have allowed themselves to become distracted by different things while they were behind the wheel.  These distractions have changed over time, but the commonality shared by all of them is that each of them removes a driver’s focus from his or her driving environment.  A loss of focus for even a few seconds can lead to serious car accidents that result in permanent injuries and fatalities.  Distracted driving has always been a problem, regardless of time or place.

In the past few years, we have been exposed to what seems like a never-ending cycle of news and updates regarding distracted driving.  That’s because the introduction of cell phones has increased the number of distracted drivers and this issue has prompted studies from several different entities that have put numbers behind this problem.  As such, there are now laws in place in jurisdictions across the country that either ban the use of cell phones while driving or they severely limit them.  Is it possible that a law will ever be passed that outlaws daydreaming while driving?  Based on the results of a recent study, consistent thinking would demand such an analysis.


That’s because that recent study has revealed that 62 percent of the fatal crashes caused by distracted driving that were studied over a two-year period were blamed on daydreaming.  The study was done by researchers at the Erie Insurance Group, and a link to a graphical breakdown of the study can be found here.  The data was drawn from FARS, or the Fatal Analysis Reporting System.  FARS is a database that is managed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or the NHTSA. 

Other findings from the study included the percentages of fatal distracted-driving crashes that were attributed to the following problems:

  • Cell phone use – 12 percent
  • Outside person or event – 7 percent
  • Other occupants – 5 percent
  • Using/reaching for device other than cell phone – 2 percent
  • Eating or drinking – 2 percent
  • Adjusting audio or climate controls – 2 percent
  • Adjusting vehicle device or controls – 1 percent
  • Moving object in vehicle – 1 percent
  • Smoking-related activity – 1 percent

This shows just how more prevalent daydreaming is for drivers than using a cell phone.  All of us can likely look back on a time when we lost ourselves in thought somehow, and it was not always when we were out in the middle of the desert with no one else around.  It has happened and does happen in congested areas with heavy traffic volume, and it’s obviously something that leads to a high number of fatal car accidents and crashes that cause serious injuries. 

Distracted driving is not only dangerous driving, but it’s also negligent driving.  If you or someone you love has been injured because someone was not paying attention to the road at the time, contact the Las Vegas accident lawyers at the Sam Harding Law Firm today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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