4.5 Million Judgment Upheld by Nevada Supreme Court
March 12, 2010
Three Vehicles Involved in Highway Crash, One a Police Motorcycle
March 18, 2010

Many of us read, see or hear the news and when stories regarding traffic accidents occur, it seems that the vast majority of them take place in urban settings and in a heavy traffic environment.  However, a substantial number of crashes occur away from the bright lights and bustle, as drivers are more prone to lapses in attention when it seems that all that is needed is to steer the vehicle passively.  Tragically, one person was killed in such a rural setting recently as a result of a head-on crash with a large truck.

According to the Lincoln County Record:

“Lincoln County Sheriff Kerry Lee reported a traffic fatality On U.S. Highway 93 involving an 18-wheeler truck and trailer and a 1993 Ford Bronco.  The accident occurred early Sunday morning March 7 close to mile marker two, just across the County line near Coyote Springs.

Lee said the call came in at 5:12 am Sunday morning and the report involved a head-on collision between the vehicles and a resulting fire that destroyed both vehicles and took the life of the driver of the Bronco.  

Lee said it appeared the northbound Bronco, registered out of Kuna, Idaho, drifted into the lane of the southbound semi-truck.  The semi was hauling a load of apples from Washington State.  The occupants of the truck, a man and woman, suffered only minor injuries. Lee said the driver tried to pull as far off the side of the road as possible but was still struck by the Bronco.  The gas tanks of both vehicles ruptured and caught fire, which burned up both the truck and the Bronco.  “There was nothing left of the tractor and nothing left of the Bronco,” Lee reported. He said the truck drivers were able to escape from the truck before flames reached them, but were unable to help the person in the Bronco.  Names of the truck drivers were not given.”

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