Australian Study Reveals Owners of Luxury Vehicles File More Insurance Claims
May 3, 2013
Tragic North Las Vegas Car Accident Takes the Life of Vehicle’s Passenger
May 9, 2013

motorcycle-accident-lawyer-07We’re moving into the time of year when more and more people are beginning to take their motorcycles out for a ride or even to work them into their regular travel routine. The weather is getting nicer in areas of the state where winter hits hard, and that simply means more motorcycle traffic on highways and surface roads. Sadly, that also tends to lead to more motorcycle accidents in Nevada, and unfortunately a terrible crash occurred over the weekend that took the life of a man.

The crash occurred on Sunday night, and it involved an unidentified man who was riding his motorcycle on State Route 160 just outside of Mountain Springs. All that is known at this point is that the motorcyclist collided with another vehicle, and after the initial collision the motorcycle was hit by a second vehicle. The motorcyclist was killed instantly and the driver of the vehicle involved in the initial collision, an unidentified woman in her 70’s, was seriously injured and was flown by helicopter to a hospital in Las Vegas. No one in the second car involved in the crash was injured.

Police are still investigating the situation, and they did not detail a cause for the crash nor did they assign fault to any of the parties involved. Situations like this tend to unfold relatively slowly, as the first step that law enforcement officials usually take is to perform the unpleasant duty of informing the family members of the person who was killed of what happened. It could be some time before the public knows just what went wrong with this crash.

There have also been several recent reports released that have shown concern regarding the rising number of motorcycle accidents in Nevada and in different places across the United States. Every year in Nevada, approximately 600 of these crashes occur. They lead to more than 500 injuries and to dozens of fatalities. Recent studies have indicated that when motorcycles and larger vehicles collide, the drivers of the larger vehicles tend to be at fault approximately 60 percent of the time. That in no way should be taken to mean that this is what happened with this particular crash, as the facts that led to it are simply unknown at this time.

When people lose loved ones in crashes that were not the fault of those that were killed, they need to obtain the help of Las Vegas accident lawyers as soon as possible. If it turns out that the motorcyclist was not at fault for this crash, then that could be what happens soon for that grieving and struggling family. The team at the Sam Harding Law Firm has been helping families in this position for many years, and it’s always very difficult to move forward with these types of claims. It is our hope that the facts relating to this crash are revealed soon and that everyone involved can find some clarity and some closure.

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