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April 9, 2013
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an-explosion-at-a-fertilizer-plant-rips-apart-west-texasIn a week of news that’s seemingly been filled with nothing but terrible stories, the country was rocked once again when word broke that a terrible explosion had occurred at a fertilizer plant in Texas. The explosion was so powerful and so violent that rescue workers have still not been able to come to a total regarding the number of people who have been killed or seriously injured, but they are working tirelessly to help everyone in need. Our thoughts and our support go out to those who have been affected by this tragedy.

The specifics of this explosion are shocking and devastating. The blast, initially believed to involve two large tanks filled with highly pressurized anhydrous ammonia, actually registered the equivalent of a 2.1 magnitude earthquake on the Richter scale. It destroyed the plant, between 50 and 75 homes in the town, ripped the walls off of an apartment complex and destroyed a middle school. At least 160 people have been injured and as many as 15 people have been killed. The exact cause of the explosion has not yet been identified, and nothing has been completely ruled out at this time.

There will certainly be weeks if not months of fallout from this tragedy, and too many people will suffer enormously as they attempt to rebuild their lives. This is especially so for people who have lost loved ones. In addition, we are sure to hear more about people who have suffered traumatic burn injuries which are common in these types of incidents.

Our team of Las Vegas injury lawyers has represented people who have suffered burn injuries for years, and of all the injuries that a person can suffer, few if any are more gruesome and more painful than these. There are different degrees of burn injuries, ranging from relatively mild ones that lead to redness and blistering on the skin to severe burn injuries that destroy every layer of skin tissue on the human body. Aside from extreme pain, people who suffer in this way will also likely be forced to endure permanent disfigurement if their skin cells are killed and that tissue will not be able to regenerate.

Burn injuries are obviously a common result of explosions, but they can also occur because of car accidents or exposure to any substance that is too hot for someone to handle. Surgeries are common for people in this position, which only invites more pain and suffering, and that’s why people who are harmed in this manner by someone else’s actions are absolutely in the right when they decide to attempt to hold those responsible for this gruesome challenge accountable.

There is no telling at this point what could have caused this disaster, but the team at the Sam Harding Law Firm hopes that the cause is identified quickly so that steps are taken to minimize the chances that such an incident will ever occur again. Please join us in taking some time to hope for the best for those involved in this tragedy.

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