Terrible Accident Takes the Life of a Man on a Motorcycle
May 7, 2013
Motorcycle Safety
Nevada Opens National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month by Considering the Legalization of Lane Splitting
May 16, 2013

Car_Crash_Atty.jpgIf you are like most people, you probably don’t generally take much time to consider the legal responsibilities that you take on when you get behind the wheel of a vehicle.  You simply want to get to where you’re going and be done with the chore that’s at hand.  However, you do take on certain duties and responsibilities that extend to anyone who may be affected by your actions.  Therefore, if you make a mistake or you drive recklessly and you cause an accident that leads to injuries or worse, you could be legally liable for damages that are incurred by those who are harmed by your actions.

These legal duties and responsibilities obviously extend to any passenger who rides in your vehicle.  If you drive in a negligent or a reckless manner and you cause an accident that leads to injuries being suffered by your passenger, you could face legal liability.  In addition, consuming alcohol before getting behind the wheel of any vehicle is generally considered negligent before you would even cause a crash, which is one of the many reasons that drinking and driving is simply a terrible decision to make at any time and in any circumstance.


Tragically, police suspect that this is the terrible mistake that a driver made before getting into a single-vehicle car accident in North Las Vegas late last week.  According to several reports, this crash occurred at approximately 4:30 a.m. on Thursday morning and it took the life of the passenger who was inside.  The driver was also critically injured.  Police are still investigating the crash and the names of the people who were involved were not released to the public.  All that is known is that the passenger who was killed was a 23-year-old male and the driver was a 22-year-old female.

The crash occurred on Camino Eldorado and Tropical Parkway, and it appears that the driver may have lost control of her vehicle before the crash.  She was allegedly moving at a high rate of speed and she crashed into a tree with such unfathomable force that her Honda sedan was literally torn in half after hitting the tree.  The vehicle also struck a light pole in the process, and the passenger was killed immediately. 

It should be noted that nothing has yet been proven with regards to the level of alcohol in the driver’s system at the time of the crash, but in general these types of situations occur all too often both in Las Vegas and around the United States.  It’s possible that the family of the man who was killed could respond by filing a Nevada wrongful death lawsuit, and while a successful claim would result in an award of damages, that obviously will not undo the loss that has been inflicted.  If you have lost someone you love in a DUI crash, contact the Las Vegas accident lawyers at the Sam Harding Law Firm to schedule a free initial consultation.

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