Duty of the Driver of Vehicle on Public Highway (Nev. J.I. 5.00)

It is the duty of the driver of any vehicle using a public highway to avoid placing himself or others in danger; (and) to use like care to avoid an accident; to keep a proper lookout for traffic and other conditions to be reasonable anticipated and to maintain proper control of his vehicle.

The foregoing is a pattern Nevada Jury Instruction which is given by the judge at the close of appropriate automobile jury trials. It sets forth the duties of drivers on Nevada highways.

This instruction is significant in that drivers must use care to avoid accidents even if the other driver may be going slightly over the speed limit. For example one can not pull out in front of another vehicle from a side street and justify that action based upon the fact that the other driver was doing 5 mph over the speed limit. If the driver from the side street should have been able to see the other vehicle coming he or she should not pull out in front of tat driver.

Driver’s must maintain a proper look out and avoid causing an accident regardless of the conduct of the other driver.

Driver’s must maintain proper control of their automobiles.

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