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September 5, 2014
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September 12, 2014
las vegas bicycle accident

las vegas bicycle accidentRecent reports show that the woman who hit and killed a man riding his bicycle in Las Vegas in July may have been driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. The driver failed the field sobriety test at the scene, according the arrest report. The officer at the scene reported smelling both alcohol and marijuana. The driver claimed that a gust of wind pushed her into the bicyclist.

The driver was arrested later that night and had blood tests performed at that time, but so far the results of these test are unavailable. The bicyclist, 41-year-old Cesar Flores, was taken to the hospital, where he died. The driver is facing DUI charges and also charges for failing to decrease speed due to circumstances.


Mr. Flores left behind a wife and family who must now face the knowledge that their loved one died as a result of someone else’s wrongdoing.

Wrongful Death: The Insoluble Wrong

Wrongful death cases are always emotionally difficult for the family and friends of the victim, but they are even more wrenching when the accident was completely preventable. A drunk driver who claims the life of an innocent person could probably have avoided the accident altogether by simply not drinking and driving. This knowledge can haunt family and friends for the rest of their lives.

Because there is no way to make full restitution to the victim’s family by bringing back the lost loved one, the law provides for survivors to claim monetary damages to pay for medical and funeral expenses as well as lost future income, loss of consortium and other costs.

People who commit crimes such as DUI can be prosecuted and punished, but this does not compensate the family for their losses. Only a wrongful death case can help families recover some of the money that they have lost as a result of the death of the loved one. It is very important to have an attorney handling a wrongful death case who is experienced and compassionate and who will fight for the family’s rights.

Sam Harding in Las Vegas has been handling wrongful death cases for many years. With a thorough knowledge of the law, Sam Harding works hard to find the best solution for your wrongful death case, whether that means settlement or a trial. Call Sam Harding today for a consultation about your loved one’s death and learn about your rights as a survivor.

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