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pedestrian accidents las-vegasRiding a motorcycle or walking places you at the highest risk for injury and death on Las Vegas streets, according to statistics compiled by the Las Vegas Metro Police Department.

So far in 2014, 13 motorcycle riders and 19 pedestrians have died compared to 11 drivers and six passengers in vehicles. These numbers are on track to meet or exceed the numbers for 2011, when 14 motorcyclists and 26 pedestrians died, and 2012, when 13 motorcyclists and 30 pedestrians died.


Pedestrians so far make up the largest group of fatality victims, with 39 percent of all fatal accidents involving a pedestrian. Motorcyclists follow closely as the second-largest group, with 27 percent of all fatalities. By comparison, drivers make up 22 percent of all fatalities and passengers 12 percent.

Why Are Pedestrian and Motorcycle Fatality Numbers So High?

Pedestrians and motorcycle riders always have high numbers of fatalities when they are involved in accidents due to their relatively unprotected state. They have no seat belts or air bags to protect them and, at best, a motorcycle rider may wear a helmet or protective pads. Pedestrians are almost certain to have no protective gear on at all.

These facts mean that pedestrians and motorcyclist death rates should be higher on and accident-to-accident comparison basis. However, there is also another factor in this situation: the actual number of these accidents seem to be higher than the average for a city the size of Las Vegas. In fact, Las Vegas is considered one of the most dangerous cities in the nation for pedestrians, with a higher pedestrian fatality rate than New York City.

What could cause these high rates of accidents and deaths for pedestrians and motorcyclists? The answer may lie in the nature of the city itself. There are large numbers of people on foot as well as larger numbers of people riding motorcycles than in other cities. Many of these people are out celebrating and may have imbibed in alcohol prior to walking or riding. These factors lead to higher numbers of accidents than in typical cities.

What Can I Do If I Am The Victim of a Pedestrian or Motorcycle Accident?

No matter what the circumstances of your pedestrian or motorcycle accident, however, you are entitled to payment of compensation if the other driver was at fault. Even if you are not sure if the accident was your fault or someone else’s, contact Sam Harding in Las Vegas for a free consultation.

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