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dog biteAll of us understand that people tend to be dominant on one side of the body or the other.  Most people are right-handed, but statistics have revealed that anywhere between 10 and 15 percent of people are left-handed.  We write with one hand, we play sports with one side of the body more so than the other and we tend to grab at things with our dominant hands.  This is simply human nature and something that few if any of us ever really think about, especially with regards to how this natural preference tends to relate to our outward tendencies.

In addition, few if any people ever think about dogs and whether one side of their body is dominant as compared to the other.  Perhaps it’s because they have four paws.  Perhaps it’s because they don’t play sports or write.  Perhaps it’s simply because they’re dogs.  However, dogs do tend to have one dominant side over the other just like human beings, and researchers in Australia have recently taken a creative step towards studying that dominant side and how it relates to their tendency to bite.  The reason for the study is because dog bite attacks are becoming more of a problem in Australia just as they are in the United States.

Researchers at the University of Adelaide recently brought in dogs of several different breeds and tested them with a toy to see which paw they used first to play with it.  They found that approximately one-third of the dogs favored their left paws, which is a far greater percentage than there are left-handed humans.  The researchers found that left-pawed dogs were much more likely to be aggressive with strangers after a series of tests were performed, so they decided to look into the issue more deeply.

They found that the left-pawed dogs tend to be more right-brained, since that is the side of the brain that controls the left side of their body.  They also found that left-pawed dogs had brains where the two hemispheres communicated with each other at a faster rate than their right-pawed counterparts, and that this heightened level and pace of communication led to them experiencing more negative emotions overall.

As such, they found that dogs that favored their left sides are more likely to attack humans and strange animals because they are more likely to feel threatened.  While this finding may not help people who encounter a strange dog, it could substantially help dog owners who know which side of the body their dog favors.  Left-pawed dogs may need to be watched more closely and they may need to be put under tighter controls to minimize the chance that something will go wrong should they encounter someone they do not know.

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